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There aren't enough words to explain the GREAT work of Daris Norman. Within a matter of three weeks, I had three items removed from my credit report and seen an increase in my credit score. Darius' knowledge in the area of credit restoration is second to none. I highly recommend tje service that Darius offers. What began as an uphill battle is turning out to be an exceptional journey. Thank you my friend.

Kentrell Porch

In January 2014 I was a victim of 2nd degree forgery, fraud, and theft of 50,000. At this time I was in the market looking to buy a car. I was referred to this particular dealership to assist me in looking for the car I wanted.To make a long story short after the dealership located the car I wanted. I purchased the car and wired my own funds to the auto dealership to complete the purchase . As time progressed It was brought to my attention that the same auto dealership forged my signature and set-up two auto loans in my name without my knowing or consent and ruined my credit. I reported the matter to all the local and state criminal justice officials and agencies. The State Attorney General got involved with the matter and the auto loan officer was convicted and imprisoned for all of the charges I stated I earlier. Even though the auto dealership loan officer was convicted the two bank still were holding me responsible for the loans. The banks were informed of what happened to me ,however they remained unwilling to work with me. I tried to obtain an attorney and no attorney would take my case. I was left with limited options at this point. I was discussing the issue with a friend of mines and I told him that I have encountered a barrier in getting my credit repaired and getting my money back from being a victim of fraud and 2nd degree forgery. My friend stated that he had a friend who may be able to help me and he referred me to Darius. He told me that this guy recently wrote book to help other’s repair and build their credit scores. I outreach Darius and I told him about what happened to me I purchased his book and he agreed to work with me in getting a different outcome from my situation. While I was working with Darius he educated me about my rights and protections I have as a consumer and he further educated me about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He filed a compliant with the agency and give details about the situation I encountered. At first I was skeptical and I thought I was going to get the run around from the banks who were still holding me accountable for the loans. The bank called me after receiving the complaint that Darius filed. The investigator indicated that they were seriously looking into my situation and they were taking my complaint very serious. Needless to say after the bank legal team and investigator spoke with the State Attorney General office and confirmed my accounts. The bank has agreed to no longer hold me accountable for the loan, update my credit report and remove all the negative items reported onto my credit report and pay me back restitution for the damages I suffered. I want to say thanks to Darius for all the help you assisted me in getting this matter resolved.


I want to thank Darius for helping me with my credit. He was able to remove medical and apartment charge off of my credit. His knowledge is a true blessing. Oh don’t forget to buy the book. I have to maintain the handwork we put in to build my credit score.

Michelle Jenkins

I can't say enough great things about Darius Norman and the information that is enclosed in this book!! I have seen my credit score go from being advised to file for bankruptcy to qualifying for major credit cards and even homes! And it was not a long drawn out process either. The techniques that he employs are extremely effective and I would recommend them to anyone who is trying to clean up their credit and get a fresh start. Do yourself a favor, get this book and use it put put yourself in a better place financially!

George McDonald

My name is Rose. I have known Darius Norman for several years now. He helped me repair se of my credit. He had some items removed and disputed a few items that was on my credit report. By him doing so, my credit score has increased 150 points. I have gotten 10 unsecured credit cards and have been able to purchase a brand new car. A 2018 Nissan Versa. My credit score is still improving. I would recommend Mr. Darius Norman, to anyone in need of help, trying to repair their credit. He is very honest, dedicated, and very knowledgeable in his line of work. Thank you Darius for all that you have done for me.

Rose McDougald

My name is Kent Wright.I would like to thank Darius Norman who I have known since college. The man is full of knowledge.His book is a true work of helping build substantial credit. Darius helped build my credit to 70 points and continues to be updated every time I pay my rent helping me to soon be able to have the credit score I need to purchase a house. This is a must book with many strategies to you on the right path.

Kent Wright Jr.

I have only been working with Darius for two weeks now. My Transunion credit score has increased 23 points and my Equifax credit score has increased 19 points. Thank you Darius for your assistance.

Winsome Martin

In 2015 I obtained a personal loan of 6,200.00 from a company to assist me in consolidating some of my debt. When I obtained this loan I made timely payments until I experienced a lay-off from my previous job. I was unable to make the payments any longer. The company closed the account and discharged the debt . The company decided to sue me on March of 2018 for the remaining balance and charges of loan. At this point I did not know what to do. I was referred to Darius and contacted him to seek assistance. Darius agreed to work with me to address this serious matter. He educated me about some consumer protection strategies we could employ to reach a settlement with the company that was suing me. He assisted me by filing a complaint through one of the consumer protection agencies. The company responded to my compliant and they agreed to reach a settlement with me and dismiss the lawsuit they had pending against me.

Keith Rosser

I was getting harassed by the collection agency Midland funding claiming I owed them almost 3 thousand dollars. They kept sending me letters threatening to take legal action by suing. Sending people to my house to personally drop off the letters. I seeked out help from Darius and he did not let me down. He filed complaints on my behalf through the proper channels and stopped them from harassing me. No more calls or letters, no bearers of bad news beating down my door every month. So thank you Darius for all of your help and I really appreciate the level of relief you afforded me.


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